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WorkForce WF-7610 All-in-One Printer

WorkForce WF-7610 All-in-One Printer


The WorkForce WF-7610 All-in-One Printer is sublimation ready!

This printer is perfect for sublimation printing. With the appropriate materials, you can use them to print on a sublimation paper. This is the point where we come up to help you. Our sublimation conversion kit comes with everything you can use to convert these eight models into sublimation printers. You can get more info about us on our official website. All you have to do is to head to our product page and make an order. Our services ensure short turnaround time, dynamic and affordable product selection, secure payment methods and top-notch customer attention.

WorkForce WF-7610 All-in-One Printer: This type of printer can work with large paper sizes. It has a wide range of unique features. It can print from a smartphone and has support for web connectivity. You can print materials from a memory key or memory card. It can also work as a fax machine. This Epson model features a large touchscreen and a digit pad, which serves as the main control board. There are also outlets for SD cards and USD drives. The paper tray can hold a maximum of 250 papers. There is no other paper tray. However, there is a single sheet slot behind the printer to stand in for that. The color quality of the printer is also good. The printing device also supports android devices and iPhones.


There are only two main brands of printers that can be used for sublimation printing. They are:

  • Epson printers: This set of printers have not been made to perform sublimation printing. If you make the right changes to these printers, you can use them for sublimation printing. Most people prefer this affordable option. Epson printers have a piezo print head that dispenses ink in a quantized manner. This piezo print head is the main reason why you can adapt them for sublimation printing. There are two categories of Epson printers.

    • Traditional type printers: This is the type of printer that uses ink cartridges. You need to replace cartridges once they run out.

    • Eco tank Epson printer: This type of printer has inbuilt ink tanks. It doesn’t utilize cartridges. All you need to do is to pour ink inside the container. Eco tank Epson printers don’t use cartridges. You can just expect the printer to complete the task.

  • Sawgrass printers: Sawgrass printers are the only types of printers naturally designed for sublimation printing. They are well equipped with web connectivity and high image quality. Sawgrass provides internet-based design software. There are several noticeable Sawgrass desktop models. Two common models are Sawgrass virtuoso 400 (SG400) and Sawgrass virtuoso 800 (SG800). SG400 and SG800 both have similar properties.

    • The only major difference is that SG800 has a larger size and is more versatile. Sawgrass has consistently maintained its reputation for quality customer service and good printers. However, despite this unique quality, sawgrass printers have a downside. They are quite expensive for many businesses. Their sublimation ink is also costly. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs have a lot of printing jobs. Therefore, they opt for an affordable option.


We know that various businesses and startups are looking for cost-effective solutions. Eight Epson printer models are compatible with our sublimation conversion kit. These models are strong and perfect for all your needs. You can easily integrate them with our sublimation conversion kit.

Epson WorkForce WF-3620

Epson WorkForce WF-3640

Epson WorkForce WF-7110

Epson WorkForce WF-7210

Epson WorkForce WF-7610

Epson WorkForce WF-7620

Epson WorkForce WF-7710

Epson WorkForce WF-7720


There you have it! Sublimation printing is one of the best ways to get impressive print quality. Sawgrass printers and Epson printers are the only leading players in the sublimation printing industry. Sawgrass printers are too expensive for many individuals to afford. Naturally, people will buy affordable Epson models. No doubt, these models are ideal for conventional heat transfer printing. However, if you want the best, you must seek the best. You can’t forfeit the advantages sublimation printing has to offer. It would be highly beneficial to purchase Epson models that work with our sublimation conversion kit.